Recent Publications

(Journal articles for past 5 years. For a full list, please see QUT's e-prints page).

  1. Toth, C.A., Santure, A.W., Holwell, G.I., Pattemore, D., Parsons, S. (in press). Courtship behaviour and display-site sharing appears conditional on body size in a lekking bat. Animal Behaviour.
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  3. Czaplinski, I., Sillence, M., Parsons, S., de Laat, M., Devine, C., Phillips, M., Fyfield, B. & Boman, M. (2017). What about me? Staff perspectives on the implementation of Intensive Mode of Delivery in an undergraduate science program. Research and Development in Higher Education: Curriculum Transformation Vol. 40. Refereed papers from the 40th HERDSA Annual International Conference. ISBN 978-0-9945546-6-6.
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  6. Mark, C., Parsons, S., Hollwell, G.I. (2017). Antennal morphology and micro-sensory architecture of the New Zealand magpie moth, Nyctemera annulata (Arctiinae, Erebidae): diversity, distribution, and dimorphism. Austral Entomology. DOI 10.1111/aen.12279.
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